Why ShareSpace?

Every family-owned and operated small business should have access to the same tools and technologies that are utilized everyday in the corporate world! And those systems and solutions should not have a big business price tag. It's all about the integration of Google Workplace. A more manageable and affordable solution for small businesses.

Enter “ShareSpace”

Your single-source digital solution for the small business owner. ShareSpace is custom-designed intranet to integrate each of your departments into one seamless communication system. From Marketing and Sales to Operations and Human Resources, your management team and employees will be “In the Know” about the ever-changing aspects of your fast-paced business. As new hires, they can watch an On-Boarding video to learn about the family, the values and the vision of the company.

As existing employees, they can learn what the latest sales numbers are, what new promotions are happening, become up-to-date on your SOP’s and KPI’s as well as engage in training and development programs right within the site.

Imagine the countless hours that will be saved by owners and leaders by having all of the answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions in one single-source location. Never again will you hear someone say: “Nobody told me.” Like the old “Prego” commercial—“It’s In There!”

Welcome to your ShareSpace!